What to Do in the Cederberg for a Week

A recurring refrain in our guest book at Cederberg Ridge is “I wish we could have stayed for longer.” Or “Next time we’ll stay longer.”

We get it. No-one wants to be bored. There are so many wonderful places to visit, that many people hedge their bets. And book just 2 or 3 nights in any one place.

But there are some real benefits – both physical and emotional – in staying longer.

  • Have time to do ALL the activities instead of trade off one with another
  • Can enjoy all the activities. And still have time to lie by the pool, have a siesta or finally return to that half-read book
  • Really get to know what a place is like, what makes it tick
  • Have time for yourself, to stop and just BE.

Longer stays are better financially as well. We offer various long stay offers such as our well-used 4 nights for the price of 3 offer.

Plus, with Covid19 still a reality, we see a trend amongst our clients to want to stay longer at places. And to do less travelling overall.

Introducing Our New Long Stay Offer – 7 nights for the price of 5

This equates to 30% discount on our normal rates. Plus each person receives a voucher for R1500 to spend on activities or spa treatments at the lodge.

So in honour of this new offer, we outline how you can easily spend a week in the Cederberg.


The plan below assumes that you are booking the lodge on a Dinner, Bed & Breakfast and are a self-drive client. Some of the activities below are ONLY offered by the lodge (specified in the text). But others you can choose to do independently, or with the lodge guides. Whichever you prefer. Activities can be booked at the lodge on a first come, first served basis.

Day 1 – Arrival

With a seven night stay ahead, you can afford to take your time on the drive in. Rather than racing to get here as soon as possible. Perhaps stop for a delightful lunch at Hebron? Or do a picturesque detour to visit the charming little village of Tulbagh with its beautiful Cape Dutch architecture.

We definitely recommend that you arrive by 5pm. That allows you to have a refreshing dip in the pool in the summer. Or – if it’s winter – to enjoy a drink on your terrace watching the evening colours change over our mountains.

Day 2 – Morning Rock art walk. Sundowner boat cruise in evening

Our Sevilla rock art trail excursion is probably the most popular trip we offer. And with good reason. Though you can do this on a self-guided basis, our knowledgeable guides will really bring alive the mysterious paintings that you see.

The rock art was created by the San people, who were the original inhabitants of this area and date back thousands of years. The Cederberg is one of the best areas to see rock art in the world with some 2,500 documented sites.

Our guided walking tour visits some 9 sites and takes a full morning (4 to 5 hours). It also introduces you to the natural scenery of the Cederberg.   

You head back for lunch, and some relaxation time, before the start of the afternoon activities.

This afternoon, you may like to enjoy a guided sundowner cruise on the Clanwilliam Dam in our very own speed boat (lodge activity only). There’s time to enjoy the sunset as you watch the Cederberg Mountains turn their characteristic orange and pink with the dying light of the day. Perhaps enjoy a refreshing swim off the back of the boat. A perfect way to end a summer’s day.

Note: This activity tends not to be offered in the winter as wind temperatures would be too chilly to be enjoyable.

Day 3 – Guided morning walk, afternoon visit to a Rooibos tea farm

By now you may be itching to enjoy a walk in the Cederberg. We have several shorter walks on the farm which range from 45 minutes to 2½ hours. We also have a selection of fantastic walks in the Cederberg which range from 1½ to 4 hours.

So this morning enjoy a Cederberg walk. Our guides who can point out some of the unique vegetation and the history of the farm.

In the early afternoon, head off to one of the local Rooibos and Buchu farms (Lodge activity). Rooibos is indigenous to the Cederberg and is now exported throughout the world. It is one of the most important agricultural products of the Cederberg. This fascinating tour taking you through from the fields to its processing. Then it ends with a tea tasting. So that you can see how it tastes on its own and with various additions, such as Buchu.

Day 4 – Full day exploration of the Cederberg Mountains

Today you may like to head up into the central Cederberg to explore some of the sights. This takes most of the day, but it’s well worth it. (Self-guided or Lodge activity.)

It combines dramatic mountain passes, stunning scenery, unique rock formations at Stadsaal caves and some San rock art. Then you enjoy wine-tasting at the award-winning Cederberg Cellars, the highest wine estate in South Africa. En route we stop by the river for a gourmet picnic lunch.

Day 5 – Enjoy the Spa, walk or a mountain-bike trail on the farm. Afternoon wine-tasting tour

After a hectic first few days, we suggest a more chilled and self-planned morning perhaps? Breakfast is served until 10.30am so you don’t need to stir unless you want to.

Perhaps enjoy a massage or other spa treatment. Or enjoy a walk or mountain bike trail on the farm.  (Note that the lodge offers a guided activity every morning.)

In the afternoon, you could enjoy our guided wine-tasting tour (Self-guided or Lodge activity) which visits three varied wine estates in the area. The Cederberg is an up and coming wine area in South Africa with a mix of several established wine estates with some new boutique wineries making a name for themselves as well. This experience is not touristy as is sometimes the case in the Cape Winelands or the Hemel en Aarde area.

Day 6 – Visit the West Coast, star gazing after dinner

Head to the coast today for a complete change of scenery and climate. The Atlantic Ocean is only 40 minutes’ drive away, but might as well be 2 hours away with a different climate, landscape and ambience. (Self-guided or Lodge activity.)

Our guided excursion takes in Bird Island, with its masses of cormorants, seals and other sea birds, the glorious empty expanse of sandy beach and some pre-lunch wine-tasting (depending on the day of the week). It finishes with a West Coast speciality: an alfresco sea-food lunch in a rustic beachside restaurant. This is something unique to the Cape West Coast and highly recommended.

After returning, most people like to do nothing more than chill, either on their beds or by the pool.

Star gazing

Every 2-3 nights, we offer some star-gazing after dinner where everyone gathers in the fire-pit for a guided tour of the Southern stars.

Day 7 – Morning farm tour, Tastes of the Cederberg tour in the afternoon

This morning you may like to take in a Tour of the farm that you’ve been staying on, albeit without a field in view (Lodge activity only). You may have walked through the orange orchards or vineyards on a walk. Or it may be new to you. You visit the pack-sheds and learn what it’s like to farm (citrus and table grapes) in such an arid area. Afterwards we pop in to visit Lemoenland Pre-school, a school set up specifically to cater for farmworkers children. (Cederberg Ridge contributes monthly to the school and pays for one of the teacher’s assistants amongst other things.)

In the afternoon enjoy our Tastes of the Cederberg tour. (Lodge activity only). This combines a walking historical tour of the town, one of the ten oldest towns in South Africa, with some craft beer, wine and tea tasting all from the Cederberg.

Self-guided alternative for the Active

However – if your interests tend towards the more active, why not hike up our very own mountain, as a last celebration? (Self-guided or Lodge activity.) Spitzkop peak is the mountain that you gaze on from our dining deck. It’s a stiff climb up, but via a path. It will take you approx 2½ hours from the base to get all the way to the trig point. And 3½ hours if you walk directly from the lodge. Magnificent 360 degrees views, unusual vegetation and a great sense of accomplishment are your rewards.


Day 8 – Relaxed lie-in

After all that activity, why not treat yourself to a relaxing lie-in followed by a spa treatment prior to your departure. Or – if you opted for a self-guided or guided hike up Spitzkop previously, you could fit in the short farm tour on the final morning.

The order of the activities may not follow this exact pattern as we usually run a 3-4 day rotation of activities.

But if you were booked for 7 nights on a Full Board & Activity basis, we will ensure that there is one NEW activity on offer every day. (Some of the day’s activities will be repeated, as our usual scheduled programme of activities assumes a 3-4 day night stay.)

But wait…. we have more

There are plenty more things to do, if you wanted to stay even longer. Or if some of the above didn’t appeal…

  • Hike up to the Middelberg Waterfall in the central Cederberg
  • Enjoy some of our longer mountain bike trails
  • Relax with a morning of boating on the Clanwilliam Dam with tubing on offer
  • Visit the newly restored Moravian mission village of Wupperthal
  • Do an adapted Cederberg Heritage trail route with 1 day/1 night hike to Heiningvlei


7 days for Bouldering

Finally many boulderers flock to the northern Cederberg, specifically the Rocklands area, from all around the world. This diverse area has rock problems of all levels of difficulty. A typical stay is well over one week. So why not use Cederberg Ridge as your base? Our lodge is one of the closest to Rocklands (approx. 15 minutes’ drive away) so it makes an excellent base.