If you are a sun-lover then the Cederberg climate is for you! We have a much warmer climate than Cape Town even though we are only 2½ hours’  north.

Winter (Late May to mid-August)

There is a lot going for the winter climate in the Cederberg. Daytime temperatures can reach a pleasant 20-24°c, (much warmer than Cape Town!) So you can be active for the whole day, and still enjoy sitting outside. But our mornings and evenings are cold so this is the time for a long lie-in in bed, and red wine around the fire in the evening. So typically our activities start after breakfast. We are still a winter rainfall region, (along with the rest of the Western Cape), so it can rain for a day or two. But we are officially an arid region (less than 200mm per year) so you're not likely to see much rain.

Spring & Autumn (Mid-August to mid-October, mid-March to mid-May)

As with many areas, our spring and autumn months are our favourite time of year. The day time temperatures are warm to hot, but you can still be active. The evenings are cooler but you can dine outside as long as you’ve got something warm to put on. Average daytime temperatures are typically 24-30°c. Evening temperatures are 15-20°c.

Summer (Late October to mid-March)

Our summers are hot, but dry (so you don’t get sticky). Perfect for the northern Hemisphere visitor keen to get some sunshine. If you want to be active, the ideal is to get up early, then come back for a late breakfast/brunch, and then do something less strenuous in the morning. In the afternoons you can relax around the pool  or in your suite. It generally cools down nicely in the evening and you can dine outside throughout the summer. The Cederberg climate in early summer (until December) tends to be cooler than January and February. Average daytime temperatures are typically 30-38°c. Evening temperatures are 25-32°c. We may head to the Coast on very hot days, as the Atlantic Coast - even though it is only 40 mins drive away - is noticeably cooler. It is  typically only 25-28°c in summer.