Cederberg Herotage Trail slackpacking add on from Cederberg Wilderness Lodge
The Cederberg Heritage Route is a series of 2 to 4 night slack-packing trails in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve. (Slack-packing is a play on 'backpacking' as there is no carrying of bags on a slack-packing trail. As a vehicle, or even a donkey, transports your overnight bags. So you only have to carry a day pack.)

You stay overnight in simple accommodation in one of the original Moravian Mission villages. And all the proceeds of the accommodation and guiding goes directly into the local community that hosts you. So this is a real community tourism project. And one of the most uplifting in our experience -  a real win-win.

The trail is fully inclusive and a local community walking guide escorts on the walks. In the evening you enjoy a tasty home-cooked dinner as well as breakfast on the following morning. You are welcome to take along a bottle of wine or some beers to enjoy with dinner.  (As there are no shops in the villages!)

We have joined forces with the Cederberg Heritage Route to offer you a taste of this slack-packing adventure. How about adding a specially adapted Cederberg Heritage Trail of 2 days & 1 night onto your stay at Cederberg Ridge? 

How it could work

Stay for a couple of nights at Cederberg Ridge. Then we transfer you up to the top of Pakhuis Pass in the Cederberg Reserve for the start of the trail. You are met by your guides from the Cedeberg Heritage Route (CHR for short). Your overnight bags are taken by donkey cart whilst you enjoy a 12km (3 hour) hike to the charming village of Heiningvlei.

The following morning you enjoy a truly spectacular walk over Krakadouw Pass and down to the Boskloof valley. Here we collect you to transfer you back to Cederberg Ridge. We recommend a final overnight with us - to enjoy a bit of luxury at the end. But that's entirely optional!

Contact us for a Quote. Or see the Cederberg Heritage Route website for more info...