Cederberg Ridge Wilderness Lodge, farm vineyards
Enjoy a short (one hour plus) farm tour of our beautiful Citrus and Grape farm to get a real flavor of South African farming. We have two main harvests. The hectic table grape harvest is from late December to mid February. The the longer citrus harvest lasts from mid April to mid September. During both of these times you'll be able to see our pack shed in action and to get a real sense of farming in South Africa. 

However there is always something of interest to see, smell and sometimes taste, all year round. 

In the peak of summer, we often offer this before breakfast when it is cooler. Allowing you time for a longer excursion after breakfast. But in winter, when its cooler, we sometimes offer this in the late afternoon.

Here's more info on our farm...

If the farm tour is in the morning and on a weekday, we end the tour with a short visit to Lemoenland Educare. This is a fully accredited infant school which we set up on the farm. The aim is that our farmworkers' children, and kids from neighbouring farms, get a decent educational start in life. So that they can cope when they go to primary school.