Sevilla rock art trails and excursions from Cederberg Ridge Wilderness Lodge
One of our most popular excursions is our Sevilla rock art excursion which is a 5km walk, usually offered every other day. This is an activity which really benefits from having a guide! As you’ll learn so much from our guides about the Bushmen people and their art.

The Cederberg is teeming with remarkable and ancient rock art of the San bushmen people, the first inhabitants of South Africa. With some 2,500 documented sites, the Cederberg is one of the best locations in the World for rock art.

The Sevilla rock art trail is a collection of nine rock art sites about 30 minutes’ drive from Cederberg Ridge. The 5km walking trail consists of 9 different rock art sites and will take about 3 hours to complete, depending on how long you stay at each site, so it’s a 4+ hour trip in total.

Our guides introduce you not only to the life and culture of the San but also to the natural beauty of their homeland. Our guides are passionate and very knowledgeable about the history and culture of the San people.

The rock art excursion takes a full morning (4+ hours, depending on your interest. In high summer, we may head out early in the cool of the day (with some snacks to ward away hunger). Then we come back for a late breakfast/brunch.

Tip: Though our rock art excursion is not hilly, it is a 5km walk on uneven, sometimes rocky, ground. So it is not suitable for frail people who cannot walk very far. Please discuss the trail with our team if you are not sure.

As a very general rule I would only recommend it to people in their 70s if you are regular walkers. (But it's very hard to generalize!)

See our Rock Art blog article for more information.

Rock Art & Flower-viewing in Spring

In the spring (August) we often combine viewing the rock art with a drive to see some of the wild spring flowers in the Biedouw Valley making it a full day excursion with a picnic lunch in the veld. (The Afrikaans name for natural bush found all around the Cape).