8 health and safety initiatives we have taken in preparation for your stay
Cederberg Ridge Wilderness is slowly getting ready to welcome back guests. Cederberg Ridge is situated in the Cederberg mountains. This quiet wilderness area is usually a little behind in what happens in the world. But, for once with the need for social distancing, we are ahead of the times. We are spoiled with space here, both in and outside the lodge. Whether you love being out in nature, enjoying one of the many walking and mountain bike trails, chances are that you won’t see anyone else. Sitting outside your room watching the landscape change as the sun moves across the valley - perhaps enjoying a glass of one of our local wines - you may just forget the craziness of 2020. We are following the new industry-wide protocols and procedures to make sure that our guests and our staff will be kept safe, and feel comfortable, while enjoying the lodge. As we near our opening date some protocols may change and we will adapt as needed.
 Best hygiene practises and protocols
We have adjusted our assiduous hygienic cleaning schedule to adhere to the new guidelines for the prevention of the spread of the virus. We are using the best available products and have trained our staff in their use.

· On arrival, your temperature will be taken as a precaution. This will be monitored during your stay · Rooms are cleaned twice a day (Breakfast and at turn-down during Dinner)
· However at check-in, you can request if you would prefer less or more cleaning. We put the choice in your hands if you prefer to keep your room to yourselves in between a daily clean.
· Extra cleaning materials will be kept in your room (discretely out of place) in case you wish to wipe down any room surface during your stay · Our public areas are cleaned routinely during the day · We are minimizing multi-contact surfaces as far as possible
Food preparation
We pride ourselves in serving delicious, flavourful meals which are a la carte. (Unfortunately, for now, our beautiful breakfast buffet will need to be seen in pictorial form only.)

· We will not be serving any buffet meals
· All meals will be plated and prepared in our kitchen
· All food and packaging entering the lodge is sterilized and cleaned
· We have provided our chefs with all the necessary protection and a safe space for food preparation. Our kitchen is much larger than most commercial kitchens as space is not a problem for us! So social distancing is possible even here.
Dining at Cederberg Ridge
We are very fortunate at Cederberg Ridge as we can serve meals in a variety of places which showcase our beautiful views AND allow for natural space and privacy between guests. Choose between the main dining room, the terrace, the deck, the library and even in-room dining.

· All staff will be equipped with protective clothing to fit their exposure risk. Guests will not be expected to wear a mask during meals. But our staff will be
· Generously spaced tables (at least 1.5 metres apart) for all meal. And we will only be operating at 50% of the dining room capacity
· Private dinners in the library are also an option (on request)
· Meals can also be served outside, weather permitting, either on the terrace or the deck. (We have outdoor heaters to take off the winter chill)
· Staff will thoroughly clean all tables & chairs between meals
· In-Room dining will also be available on request. (Though some suites are far from the kitchen, so we are not promoting this option heavily!)
· And we will, as far as is practically possible, limit close interaction between staff and guests
 Limited social contact
Though of course, we love it when guests mingle and chat, we are an exclusive lodge with ample space for guests to relax in private, away from the troubles of the world, and other people.

· Our rooms are spaced out along a pathway so no cramped corridors to walk to and from the main area
· Our rooms have beautiful private outside spaces that you can enjoy
· We have several walking and biking trails where it's just you and nature
· A generous pool terrace with space to enjoy the view
· Open-air fire pit with plenty seating    
The Cederberg has so much to offer guests. From hiking, wine routes, history, and rooibos, to name but a few. We are still offering guided activities. The wonderful advantage of the Cederberg is most of what we offer takes place outside in nature. So social distancing comes naturally.

· When travelling in a vehicle we will try to limit the number of guests to 4 per vehicle, where at all possible
· You can also choose to drive yourselves and meet up with the guide at the point of departure for walks, rock art excursions or farm tours, if you prefer not to be in a vehicle with others
· Private tours can be booked before arrival, subject to availability of vehicles
· And, of course, you can just do the walks and biking trails on the farm if you don't want to join any of our activities.
 Clean Hands
The most effective way to stay safe has been proven to wash and sanitize our hands regularly. We have placed the following in place.

· Throughout the lodge hand sanitizer will be readily available for both guests and staff
· Guests will be able to use as they wish. On arrival, and after every outside activity, we will ask you to wash hands and we will sanitize hands
· Staff will periodically offer hand sanitizer to you as you relax around the lodge as well
· All guest rooms will have hand sanitizer in the rooms  
Staff Health Support
It is important that we not only keep our guests safe, we also want to ensure that our staff stay healthy as well.

· We offer flu shots for all staff at the start of the winter
· We provide all necessary protective clothing and equipment to keep them safe
· Temperatures are taken on arrival at work and at departure
· We provide staff transport so they do not ever have to use public transport
Doctors on Call
We are well-prepared for any health care scenario.

· Being close to a tight-knit small community, we have good relations with the local doctors, who are well prepared
· There is access to testing kits, if needed
· There’s a clear procedure is in place to deal with a suspected case both with our guest and staff
We hope that the above makes you feel more at ease?
We cannot wait to share our fresh air and wide-open spaces with you.
We hope sooner than later!

Craig and Leisha