Shaws Klook Hiking
The Cederberg Mountains rises majestically above the vineyards and citrus groves of the Oliphants River valley. There are a number of stunning hiking trails in the Cederberg, much of which is in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve.

Cederberg Ridge offers its own guided walking trails, both on our own farm, which backs onto the Wilderness Reserve, and in the Reserve. But we also supply outlines of some of the most popular trails which can be done on a self-guided basis. 

The Cederberg Wilderness Reserve (which covers most of the mountain range) remains one of the most pristine areas of South Africa. Ancient mountain trails, originally cast by woodcutters, take you through pristine fynbos, such as the rare Snow Protea and Clanwilliam pincushion, and past curious rock formations.

Apart from "boulderers" (free-style rock climbers) in the Rocklands area during the winter months, it is rare to see other walkers in the northern Cederberg. 

If walking independently, you'll need to purchase a day permit to walk in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve. This can be collected from the office at Kliphuis. Some of the paths are not very clear so we recommend discussing the trail at the lodge if you stay with us.  

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