Wupperthal Mission Village

Wupperthal Riel Dancers
NOTE: The Moravian mission village of Wupperthal suffered a horrendous fire in the Summer of 2019. The plan is to rebuild it but this has not happened yet. We stronly suggest that you enquire first before planning a visit as we would not want you to be disappointed!

The mission station of Wupperthal was founded in the early 19th century. Yet it remains quiet and seemingly untouched by the 21st century. Indeed some villagers still travelling by donkey and cart. (Though you do see a fair new satellite dishes protruding from the old white-washed thatched cottages...)

Wupperthal mission still remains the heart of a small subsistence-farming community. It is home to a local industry producing velskoene, a traditional soft leather shoes. These are very comfortable and well worth a purchase. It's a small village, so the journey TO the village, as much as the destination, which is the adventure. Wupperthal lies the folds of the unique Tanqua-Karoo scenery. 

Wupperthal is not part of our excursions at Cederberg Ridge. So it can only be visited on a self-drive basis. The road is gravel for part of the way and can be very corrugated (bumpy) in places. It also suffered a major fire....

Tip: You could combine a visit with the Sevilla rock art trail if you have time. Similarly during the flower season, you pass through the Biedouw valley en route to Wupperthal. It's well worth doing a detour down the valley if there are flowers. Pack a picnic lunch!