Sevilla Rock Art Trail

Sevilla rock art trails and excursions from Cederberg Ridge Wilderness Lodge
Marvel at the ancient rock paintings of the San (Bushmen) people on the Sevilla Rock Art Trail.

Cederberg Ridge offers a guided rock art excursion to Sevilla and other sites. But you can easily visit the Sevilla Rock Art trail on a self-drive basis if you prefer.

This is a collection of nine rock art sites about 30 minutes drive from Cederberg Ridge and Clanwilliam. On arrival you buy a Conservation permit from Khoisan Kitchen (a restaurant, coffee shop and shop on the farm), before starting the trail. There's also a very useful booklet on these paintings for sale. The trail consists of 9 different rock art sites and will take about 2 to 2½ hours to complete.

Tip: If you are short of time, we would recommend walking past the first four sites to get to at least site 5 to 7 and then visiting some of the first 4 sites on the way back. Remember to carry water with you in summer.

Season: During the flower season, we recommend combining the trail with a visit to the Biedouw Valley which is another 20-30 minutes drive. En route you can stop at the Englishmen's grave, a reminder that the Anglo-boer war got this close to Cape Town! 

Note: Though the Sevilla rock art trail does not include any major gradients, it is on fairly uneven ground. So it is not be suitable for frailer people who cannot walk very far.